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How can i expand the standard contactform with one extra field, in contact.php there's an piece of code:

    if(!empty($_POST)) // support for custom fields in contact template.
            foreach($_POST as $k=>$v)
                $body .=  "<tr><td>".$k.":</td><td>".$tp->toEmail($v, true,'RAWTEXT')."</td></tr>";

How can i use that?
e107 version Git from today
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Just add HTML code into contact template. Don't forget for the attribute name. New fields will be added automatically.
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THX Jimako, did not knwo it was so simple....

    <div class='control-group form-group'><label for='contactTel'>Telefoonnummer:</label>
        <input type='text' id='contactTel' title='Geef je telefoonnummer in.' name='telnr' required='required' size='30'  class='tbox form-control' value='' />

And it works!!!



Learned something new myself as well, thanks!
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