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Hi, I'm newbee to e107, quite happy up to now.

Now - I can neither upload images - nor delete them.

By accident, I found at the php info tab these messages - could they be of importance?


session.save_path is not writable! That can cause major issues with your site.



allow_url_fopen: If you have Curl enabled, you should consider disabling this feature.

expose_php: Disabling this will hide your PHP version from browsers.

Looks like a permission issue . what could I do?




e107 version 2.1.9 - softaclous intstallation
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Error : that belongs to a server setting : this is decription:  (maybe host involvement needed to do so) The session data is stored in a (temporary) folder on your server (the session save path). If this folder does not exist, the session is not properly created.

This could effect the image issue, however the error has to be fixed first to say if it is so.

Warning :


Quote out from Gitter (prev message)

By default, the expose_php directive is enabled. However, you may not want to broadcast the specific PHP version your site is using. Similarly, some third-party applications require the expose_php directive to be disabled.
EG : x-powered-by: e107 (in response header) or X-Powered-By PHP/5.6.36 (suppose locahost admin pages)

allow_url_fopen can be used to retrieve data from remote servers or websites.
cURL has more options and possibilities. Both are equally safe (or unsafe if misused).(well ....discussion related).
This message is shown to get your attention, and make you aware about it, so you can react to it (or dismiss it). It is up to user .

it's ok to ignore this warning.



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Thank you very much for trying to help me.

After hours of struggle, I gave in with e107 for various reasons. Moved to WordPress and got that job done within an hour. smiley


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