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Not sure if this should go under core, theme, or plugin, but I chose themes.

Anyway, I know how to set up rank images, but I can't seem to get them to display under the user avatar in the forum post message display screen. Thise seems to be related to bootstrap, but I can't seem to find a way to over ride this. Any bootstrap theme simply ignores my uploaded rank images and uses some css image witha white text on colored background followed by a black fontawesome star.

On older themes that are not bootstrap, the user rank image shows up fine, which is why I believe this is being caused by bootstrap, yet I can't seem to find how/were to edit things to stop this behavior. I don't want the bootstrap rank image, I want the one I uploaded.

Any suggestions or ideas?
e107 version 2.1.9
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Not sure where ranks_cl is located. Could you give me a path? Looked in handlers, system, and plugins/forum for it.

As for images/ranks, I copied it to the theme folder (e107_themes/BS_Gaming_01/images), and no dice. Still not displaying rank images. I suppose I could post to the github page.
I seem unable to use github. I sign in, then go into issues to make a topic, it wants me to sign in again and gives me the something wrong happened message... So unfortunately I can't post an issue regarding this. Sigh...

Its this one i refereed to (maybe shoundn't have stripped it ) wink handlers/e_ranks_class.php

Well have to take/make some time to setup forum and ranks to see what it does.. please hold on ( i can not guarantee a time point ; have to earn a living too)

Yes, the handlers/e_ranks_class looks as you have posted it above. I was confused by your ranks_cl statement. My appologies.

And no worries, I'm patient. I too have a day job :).

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I hope this answer your question:


You need to custom your template. Those shortcodes works with bootstrap too.

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You need to customize forum view template, if you want any different output.

What if the theme doesn't have a forum view template? Being a bootstrap theme, I'm guessing I can change another template that exists?


Overriding Core Templates

  • All templates that are used in e107 can be overridden by copying them into specific folders within your current theme folder. 
  • ....
  • Plugin templates should be copied into e107_themes/YOURTHEME/templates/PLUGIN-FOLDER
    Note: Older plugins may look for templates in the root folder of your theme. ie. e107_theme/YOURTHEME/  
Thank you so much! That solves it!
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