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Hi all,

I installed Alternate Authentication plugin and configured ActiveDirectory as a login method, but I can not find were to create a AD user login. I can only find the quick add user.

The plugin is configured correctly, i tried it with "Test database access" and it says that the Authintication is successful.

Can someone tell me how to create a AD user in my website?

Thank you.
e107 version Version 2.2.0 (git)
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I have set the failed method, but when I try to log in with AD user it goes to a page with error:


Your login details don't match any registered user. Check if you have the CAPS-LOCK key activated, as logins on this site are case sensitive."

So I though that the user has to be added first in my website and then AD user can log on.

No user is created automatically.
It's created after successed first login.  If you have it set correct way, it should  look at AD database, not in e107.  What is your version of PHP?
PHP Version 7.2.10

I think it is set correct, because the test provided in the plugin is successful.

Also I tried with setting only ldap login, and the result was the same.
Create issue on github, please.    Your test could be correct, but there were issues with php 7. And each way of alternative auth could be solved in different level. I will use e107- e107 next week with php 7.0, so I will see too.

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