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I am trying to set up registration where I have individual members who have their own user name and passwords name and address types and date of birth and personal details covered by GDPR and corporate members which are groups for the corporate legal entitities with registration numbers and registered addresses and countries of registration, etc. These can have holding companies and branches legal links to other corporate members. These are usually run by corporation owners or their representative.

Each corporate member has a single related owner account belong to the CEO or another legal guardian who keeps company business secrets and has authority to pay the bills an cancel the account; the person legally liable for the corporate account. The corporate owner is the person who manages the corporate account. this is for the actions of that director or manager. Note there is not necessarily a 1-to-1 relationship between corporate accounts and corporate owner accounts; a corporate owner account may manage one or more corporate accounts.

Each corporate account can have 1 or more Corporate administrators who administer the account for them each is an individual and each has his or her own personal login details but they all have access to all the same features.

For small companies the Corporate owner may decide to also be a corporate administrator although this is not usual. In which that account has access to both sets of features.

They can setup individual employee accounts that individual employee logins are setup with unique names/emails and passwords for each.

While all of these are members I do not want  anyone to be able to login as a member and The visibility of options is not the same.

e.g. a corporate account can see its corporate owner, corporate admin and corporate employee

e.g. corporate owner, can see all corporate admin's and review logs and can if they want see corporate employee audits as well. Although that role is usually left to the corporate admins.

e.g. corporate admin, can see all corporate employees accounts and review logs and search corporate employee audits to check for inappropriate actions. and set triggers to detect issues.

This means I want employee accounts to be visible to corportate corporate owner and corporate

I want inheritance sub-class in the data base for each individual, corporate, corporate owner, corporate admin and corporate employee each of which has different inputs and different registration details

How can I do this using membership classes.

Is it possible? how do I achieve this?
All the personal details of individuals using the various types of corporate account. e.g. personal email addresses and emails should be managed using the GDPR regulations.
e107 version Version 2.1.9
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