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Hi there. I would like to invite a radio player code to the bs-game 3 theme so that when they switch to another page do not update, so do not stop playing. Is this possible with e107?


My Radio code:


<!-- SCM Music Player http://scmplayer.co -->
<script type='text/javascript' src='http://scmplayer.co/script.js'
data-config='{'skin':'skins/aquaBlue/skin.css','volume':30,'autoplay':true,'shuffle':false,'repeat':1,'placement':'top','showplaylist':true,'playlist':[{'title':'CitroMix R%E1di%F3','url':'https://citromix.eu/live.mp3'}]}' ></script>
<!-- SCM Music Player script end -->
<audio controls autoplay id='radio'>
  <source src='https://citromix.eu/live.mp3' type='audio/ogg'>
var audio = document.getElementById('radio');
  audio.volume =20;

e107 version 2.1.8
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Do you know solution where this is possible with other CMS?  Without using flash?

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Did fiddle somewhat with scm.. can not get it to work. Needs changes i guess...
@Jimako 's plugin (wolf's jplayer for e107) uses by nature (if you like it) a POPUP window that allows just that what you seek.

Issue with this is you need (skin=default !! for button) to click to open popup to work. (popup stays sidewide; with page change most browser will supress the popupwindow to a bottom bar so it is out of view...
You can set a file on autoplay to start  (tricky using both methods as autoplay will activate the file IN menu and IN popup).

But best is to set the menu with default skin, then observe the popup. (Imo opinion BEST solution for those who do not like continuous audio). SO give visitors a choice.....(textual remark they can). So menu is somewhere on your page.
There they click popup and click play inside > ehh voila..
No need for a lot of extra coding > out of the box...

You (iff knowledge) could tinker with the files of course to find another solution like trying to hide all ( autoplay) or find method to open popup right away etc...
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