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where would i place the short code in theme.php to get featurebox to work?
e107 version Version 2.1.7
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It depends where you want it.  I will answer you later, not sure now if your theme has layout for homepage or not, or it has menu area.  But generally:

- you can use menu

- you can use shortcode

- you can hardcode theme.php

If your theme has MENU AREA in the place you want to put featurebox, you can add featurebox menu there and set visibility only for Frontpage.  

If your theme use Welcome message, or you can use custom menu, you can put there shortcode {FEATUREBOX) directly.

If nothing from above is not enough, you can change theme.php and insert shortcode there. 

If your content is inserted (menu or shortcode work), but it looks bad, you need to fix it in featurebox template (depends on your theme) 

Here you have examples how to use feature box shortcode:


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