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I want to launch a website with following features for my non profit project:


-Discussion Forum


-Image Gallery

-Volunteer registration

-Jobs with apply feature.

-Contact us page

-Other static pages generated using Gui.

-Donations using Paypal, Master Card and other Payment methods.

-Learning Management System (integration with moodle)

Which plugins i should use and are the above plugins available in e107 cms?

Would be grateful for any answer.
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A personal viewpoint, as you talk about non profit:
Some points can be met by the system, by nature build. (1,2,3,4,7,8)
however the most (learning related) COULD be implemented as kind of sub domains or iframe. (they are practically standalone frameworks, as f.e. Moodle has its own plugins, and those would not be easily integrated in a integration plugin for the system itself, as those meet specific usage themself..
There are no plugins that can do that for you. (present)
The donations part, yes there are related ones, but it will be not that easy.
Since you like to make use of plugins etc..i need to point out, that you at least should have enough knowledge to code in php and of course html/bootstrap. Else you will have to hire someone to do that for you.
Are there systems that could do all in 1 go ? : in a non profit (eg open source builds) at no extra costs, hardly none. Those that could help you with that need, will likely be af a commercial kind.

Just being honest, ( i know other cms's too) the 'wanted' items list will be tough to meet. If you are willing to pay for some, yes there
could be a solution. Out of the 'pack' most systems will only support some items, not all.

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I am thankful to you for the answer. But will you please tell me some plugins for donations and image gallery. Second a guide to create a plugin would be nice for beginners.
Image gallery is on board (gallery) it is not overcomplicated, and does it's work nicely.

https://www.e107.org is the place where you can go through plugins and themes available. ( if you would have e107 installed, you also can aquire them trough the system itself (linked possibilty).

Since i do not know every plugin i would suggest using search engine : keywords > e107 donations... the plugins will pop up
Thank you for your help.
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