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Do anybody know where the selected Theme have been stored. I have a e107 system where they removed the Theme and I need to redirect the site to an existing theme.

e107 version v 2.1.17
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2 Answers

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The theme files are physically stored in the /e107_themes/ folder.
The theme settings in the admin area can be found in Admin Area > Manage > Theme manager
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Adding /alternative: if (assume backup files) and theme is removed, it would be in database called (core file).
Having the theme present as described by Moc' (folder paths) would be sufficient.

You are always able (by phpmyadmin/cpanel) etc.. to change the core database files (2 ) to your theme that is present (although by nature some settings(diff) can take place because each theme might have different calculated setting/positions and stored data..)
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