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I had this plugin v1.12, installed on my current site (v1) 

Now I try to upgrade to v2, and so I installed the "last" version of this plugin : v2.2 

Unfortunately, I have a lot of issue with it :

  • it don't follow the theme
  • I see the categorie, but when I select one, it display an empty page
  • My links are still in the database, but the plugin don't see them and display only the one I created to test 

 I have found the Github of the developper (Jimako), but this plugin doesn't exist in his repositories ! 

Do you know how I can solve this ?

Where can I found a new version of this plugin ? or an equivalent for v2 ?

Thanks in advance 


e107 version v2
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At first look, this is the same, but the archive don't have exactly the same size ... 

I used the first one to upgrade my version (from 2.2 to 2.3.1) and it seems to work 

I recovered my links from the old site (more than 140 !! to validate 10 by 10) and the theme is still ignored 

However, I could "tweak" a little bit the presentation (removing the "navigator" bars mainly) and it looks acceptable ... not perfect, but ok 

If you put you message as a reply (instead of a comment), I can "accept" it yes


Thanks, but just close it with "solved" textual. Will be sufficient...
@tgtje I think Yesszus version 2.3.1 (26.8.2016) is derivative from Jimako's one, since the plugin has been handed over to me, and currently last version 2.2.1 (25.5.2017) it's here: https://github.com/rica-carv/links_page

@rica_carv    Aha, wasn't aware of that. Nice to know yes

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