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Good evening


I try to upgrade my old website, running e107 v1.0.4 to the last v2.1.7, first on a test webserver

I encounter several problem as you can imagine.
I already solved some (I have some "average" knowledge in PHP, HTML, Javascript and mySQL) but some other looks very weird

I will start by the most annoying and that I don't how to solve :

I'm using a "personal" pack of emotes (aka smiley). Most of them are 16x16 gif but some other are a little bit bigger .

When I use them in a forum post or the chat, the 16x16 are expanded to (around) 25x25 and the bigger are shrinked ... seems that it try to bring the biggest length to 25 and shrink proportionnaly

In any case, the result looks uggly and wasn't the case with v1.0.4 !!

How can I solve this problem ?

e107 version 2.1.7
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Best answer

I reply to myself 

I found and corrected 

file "e107_web/css/e107.css" 

img.e-emoticon { vertical-align:middle; border:0; width:24px }

removed the "width" propriety and everything is back to normal 

Can be closed ... 

I have other questions, I will open other thread 





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Nice you found a solution ! hoever keep in mind that by upgrade this file will likely be overwritten en changes are lost.
Yes, I know !

I'm used to ... it was the case with v1, I had a list of modifications to the core files that I reaply at each update

As tgtje suggested try to add this as an overiding CSS declaration in your theme's stylesheet which is called after 'e107_web/css/e107.css' and thus its not overwritten with an upgrade.
Good idea

I wasn't aware that it was possible ... will try it

Oops! I overlooked the fact that you were trying to remove a CSS property in from the core declaration. In this case the only possibility with theme CSS overriding is to give 'img.e-emoticon' a lesser width value than 'e107_web/css/e107.css' declared one. But that might not fetch you the desired result in your use case.
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