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I have a website the is currenlty displaying blank web page. kgbclan.host371.com

Site is running 2.1.6 version. I had this problem last year. I ended up rebuilding site.

I tried to recover site by using web host provider backup but still getting blank web page.

I restored both website and db from backups with no luck.

I checked with web host provider and they are not having problem with other sites on running on their shared service. they placed a test index.php file in site and that loaded.

what troubleshooting steps is recommended with this type of problem?


e107 version 2.1.6
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You did not mention of your hosting did upgrade their php version.. I would all develop on local (xampp/wamp) go into dbase and alter in Core the theme use to bs3. (site and backup in core).. Than check if all files are present.. Eliminate old v 1 plugins .. If php 7 i would advice to upgrade with Github versions.. (https://github.com/e107inc/e107)
webhost provider has three different options for PHP ver. 7.2, 7.1 and 5.6. Default setting is 7.1. Been running under 7.1 for a few months already.

I uploaded the Github version since PHP was set to 7.1. Still same issue.

I will look at v1 plugins and other suggestion.


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I chased the problem for a little while. I renamed v1 plugin folders. Still same issue.

I renamed some existig files and folder to see website load results. I only got a response when I renamed index.php. I tried to restore files from backup problem still existed.

I did restore of website backup to local web server. I kept the webhost 107_config.php file in local web server. Localhost site came up with web server SQL info. Site was fully functional. That told me that SQL DB was good.  

I ended up creating a folder in www directory and moving all the e107 files to that folder. I then uploaded webhost backup files from local www folder to the www folder. After all files uploaded, site was functional.

Looks like trying to replace the files didnt do the trick to refresh files.

I have another website running on my webhost provider that is not having a problem. The PHP settings for that one is 5.6.

I changed PHP setting for problem site to 5.6. Maybe PHP files are being impacted by 7.1 settings.

I didnt try to change the site/admin theme. Theme I am using is BS_Gaming_02.

Thanks for help,

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Yes, some files (when not up to latest versions) will have impact (php code on v1 plugs yes). The newer files (gith) are already being compat with version (where 7.2 looks ok also for now).
Thank you for posting back.
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