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I'm slowly updating things that I've created in the past for compatibility with recent e107 releases.

I have a Plugin that does nothing other than add a identifier/value pair to the e107_user -> user_prefs field when a new user account is created. I don't want this plugin to appear in any of the Admin Area menus.

Previously I had a "<category>misc</category>" entry in the Plugin.xml file. But even after removing this line, uninstalling the plugin, re-uploading the plugin files and manually deleting the entry from the e107_plugin table, then reinstalling the plugin, it still appears in the "Misc" menu. So I'm presuming this is where plugins are placed by default when no category is specified.

Is there some way to prevent this?

Thanks again
e107 version Version 2.1.8 (git)
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If your "plugin" is so simple that it doesn't require admin ui, create db tables or anything more, just create a module. Remove the plugin.xml, and simply put the plugin files in a folder.

It won't need install, and won't be in any admin ui menus...
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