Feature Box or Scrolling Image in Voux theme

Is adding fbox or a scrolling set of images to the Voux theme as simple as adding the shortcode in the theme where the site logo normally goes?
e107 version 2.1.7

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tgtje Points2536

Look in Voux's theme php; find the part (layout) modern business home.
There it is already in use.

Now this is a layout for 1 type of displayong the site; but it is the shortcode { FEATUREBOX } 
wich defines the area. Where the area is, is where you put it... One can put that same shortcode in each of the layouts... if it looks nice depends on position and wspace available..

Do note !  make a copy of your theme, rename it!, add changes to the theme 's xml file (name); then set (new one) as site theme and experiment..That is the easiest way... put it there and watch.. By menu area manager you can see where it (area described as Featurebox  would reside..

tgtje commented Jan 26

Oops just adding (forgot) Voux is an installable one uses install/xml file too.

Some name changes have to be made there too... (else it 'calls images from within the original)

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