Plug not installing

I have tried uploading from admin area and via ftp. The files get uploaded but the plugin does not show for install. ?
e107 version 2.1.7
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tgtje Points2536

Does the plugin have a plugin xml file?

Is the plugin (by build) 1 level (eg plugin (main)folder + (+subf) +content >  NOT A named folder, main folder (+subf)r+content).?

Is it an old one or a v2 ; name please (for testing putposes).

inferno-prime commented Jan 7

It is one main folder then some files and sub folders inside.

tgtje commented Jan 7

Ok assuming structure is correct; the name is equal (in plugin php or plugin xml?  by character capital/normal)?
You can also try (caching??) admin/tools/database/ most left bottom: plugin folder scan.

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