How to change page titles.

I know that you can change custom page titles, But I would like to change if I could change the title for something like the News page for example.
e107 version 2.1.6
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tgtje Points2538
Does this reference your question ? (why re-invent) https://www.e107help.org/168/pretty-url-how-to-change-word-page
If not please elaborate.

If it is name as link : sitelinks...

inferno-prime commented Nov 20, 2017

Thanks I will look into this.

I have one other question related to this issue that has stopped me from progressing. When I set the title for my site in the preferences it shows at the top left of the Home page and on the top of some pages as part of the title. So I only want to remove the text from showing at the top left on the home page thats all.

Will this be easy ?.

tgtje commented Nov 21, 2017

Maybe yes maybe no; it depends
Could be from theme; or inner part.and what the page itself is
Could you make a little screenshot of what exactly is meant. (to see what the structure supposes to be eg a title a shortcode )

Jimako commented Nov 21, 2017

look at theme.php and at layout you are using for FRONTPAGE  or header part  - look for SITETITLE shortcode or BOOTSTRAP-BRANDING.  Remove them and you will see.

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