How do i make a form on an e107 page

I have tried to copy and past code from this site (https://www.w3schools.com/html/tryit.asp?filename=tryhtml_form_mail) to the source code on an e107 page but it all messes up you can see how it turns out and what code i used at this link (http://platinum-guild.co.uk/page.php?id=22)

I would like some help getting it working please
e107 version Version 2.1.6

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tgtje Points2536
Hmm went to see (page is probaly not accepted, or a mistake has happened. Answerring that is difficult without knowing.

But seeing your source using: why not use the build in contact form? It represent those things?
Since it is normally hidden : go to admin/prefs/email and contact info and switch ON Site contact person..(might be a seperate mail address you created just for 1 function (prev. added).

As for your source from w3 : just paste the FORM piece (below h2 line>  start with <body...  so  only < form... inclu </form...) No problems here... (getting that to send Might be an issue, but is not mine to test, should at least react on mail client on pc..)


MiniNinja164 Points16
the link http://platinum-guild.co.uk/page.php?id=22 is working again now could you have a look and see what i mean please?


oui3kings Points135
Survey plugin is good for this. It can be tweaked a bit to suite your needs possibly


oui3kings Points135
Survey Plugin can work. I modified the language file to get items to read a different way but it has done the trick on a few of my sites for many years

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