Go from user list in admin to user profile page

I'm wondering if there is a way to click on a username within the user list in admin and go directly to the user profile the way you could in v1. The only way I can see/find is to (log in as). This just seems too roundabout.

Any help/suggestions appreciated.
e107 version 2.1.3

2 Answers


tgtje Points2536
Indeed this is changed. But you are able to put an enhancement request on Github ?

OR  alternative (works if settings are correct eg class view) when logged in : type domain/user.php?id.    number....   (ID_dot_XX).

advice : please update if you are still running 2.1.3


Jimako Points1186

Just click na User ID

oui3kings commented Nov 12, 2017

For whatever reason I can not click on the user ID number

tgtje commented Nov 13, 2017

It depends on version (was changed in 2.1. 5 or 2.1.6  (testcase 2.1.4 > no clicking possible))

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