How to sort pages in chapter

Is there a way to sort the pages of a chapter the way I want it. They sort by alphabet. I tried to write numbers before title but this didn't help


e107 version v2

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Jimako Points1186
Is not there arrows in admin area to change order? I am sure that they have order field. Blue arrow icons up.and down


Beata Points169
No there aren't, Site links have it

Jimako commented Sep 4, 2017

You need to go to Pages, not Overview...   After drag and drop moving, you need to click GO button to save changed ordering.


tgtje Points2536

Go into Pages (admin) go to right side on top bar > OPTIONS : select there (mark it) the item ORDER.

Numerical order method...wink   (full numbers where 1 is top 10 bottom etcetera)

Change the number by clicking inside the field..
(refresh to see what happens > works for admin+display

Beata commented Sep 2, 2017

Thank you, but this doesn't help. The pages are sorted acording ID

Beata commented Sep 2, 2017

It needs to write my order in Order field. It seems, it works


Beata Points169
The order of pages does not follow in the chapter as I want. It keeps only that moment.  Later everything come back

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