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Alright I keep asking these questions cause quite frankly I am a bit in a hurry to get my website released. People are waiting like crazy and I feel bit pressured. I think I have pretty much all the basics but there is one feature I would like to have on the website. Possibility for members to write reviews on albums. The way it goes that the first thing is always the band. After you have created the band you can start adding stuff to that band like links, videos, albums etc. I am going to review albums myself but I want to give my members a possibility to review those albums too. I will do my reviews in the adminside but the members review I would want them to do it on the website itself.

Can anyone push me to a direction here where to start looking? And I do apologize for asking so many things but since time is the luxury I don't have atm I don't have a choice.

My php version is 5.4.42
e107 version Version 2.1.6 (git)
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Yes it does. Suppose BAND A = book A  Band A uses 10 pages of content (you create these on the go), but you assign (belong) to Book A  page.php?bk=12  (example url call) On this 'gathered content  it is a kind of link pages which lists each page (belongs and added) as a link. 

But than it will be something to sort out ( > review) You could create a Chapter (as sub ) of book A, and host review pages or alike ? (Have to assume such, as i do not have demo or examples)..(call :  page.php?ch=12 example)

Maybe someone else can enlight more, as i personally do not use it in this way (standalone pages).

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In it's simplicity I basically would only need a landing page something like www.mysite.com/reviews/ and that landing page would list all the reviews I have done. Latest first. I also want to use cd covers on the landing page to make it look more appealing. Once a user clicks the cd cover it shows the review page of that cd. Now is there anything that I could use to specify certain pages to be review page? There is a layout dropdown in page admin http://prntscr.com/gh58r4 and I was wondering what those are?

For bands I have landing page http://prntscr.com/gh59hq that lists all the bands I have but those are custom plugins so it was easy to make. I want to create this cd review thing with as little extra effort as possible.
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