Error on FAQs plugin

I installed the FAQs plugin through Plugin Manager and installing itself went just fine


However after that when I click Configure it gives me an error

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '.', expecting ')' in /home/xxxxx/public_html/e107_plugins/faqs/admin_config.php on line 232

I tried to check the code but I couldn't figure out what was wrong there. I haven't changed any code so it was like that from get go. Anyone else experienced the same issue?

e107 version Version 2.1.6 (git)

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tgtje Points2536

Do not notice a parse error, so best guess would be (as you assumable fresh installed), it 'chokes'  (as a glitch) on a divider for the :  in that line.   RE upload a fresh admin_config if possible and see if it does help.

To be sure it 'takes the new upload, go to tools,database select scan plugin dirs...You do NOT need to uninstall, but even that could help.

Some expl: the dot(s) in that line which the parser sees are needed to 'trigger' the LAN (text code) since the : is ala html and surroundings is code'. parser reads it and would like to see a ) closing somewhere..

terotolkki commented Aug 29, 2017

Unfortunately didn't help. I wonder if some other plugin affects to this. The plugin itself is on the website now but I can't administrate it cause of the error.

tgtje commented Aug 29, 2017

That is a possibility (do not know, not heard yet around this). Using Firefox with e107 debug addon can provide a lot of help  (need to activate the addon when logged in for full working mode) https://addons.mozilla.org/nl/firefox/addon/e107-debugger/  I use it in the latest ff version..

terotolkki commented Aug 29, 2017

Yes the debugger is awesome but in this case no help from that even cause it doesn't debug anything just gives the Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '.', expecting ')' error. On the frontend the faq does not report any errors on the debugger. Only when I use the admin side to configure the faq. This is a tough one...


Jimako Points1186
What I would try. They are only tab names. Replace them by strings "tab1","tab2"... etc. They are 4 tabs. If error go away, try replace each string by original code to see what cause error. Not able to look detailed on code. Are you using English? In that lans cant be comma, otherwise it can cause problem. Or in fact can be but not as simple comma... if you narrow problem, we can help more..

Jimako commented Aug 29, 2017

Sorry to hear this. Just one question. Are you using English? Only? You should create issue at github at least.

terotolkki commented Aug 29, 2017

Yes I am using english only.

tgtje commented Sep 1, 2017

Not supported ? do not know, as it was worked on 5 months ago... Maybe it is set (who knows?) to be going OUT OF core suplly, but as standalone plugin you can download ???

As you mentioned changing jumps to other line... ( i do not have issues) but tested on higher php versions  5.6  xx and 7)  it well might be php...

Jimako commented Sep 2, 2017

Not sure.now. Do you have faqs between lang strings (when you translate plugins)? I hadnt (there is issue about this on github) and answer was its not between official release. It was weird because I supposed you can create pack for any plugin. Not sure about downloading from repository - using git version. But the same is with auth plugin - its not part of release but you cant find it in separatore repository. Maybe they are just waiting for fixing or rewritting.


Moc Points2266
This is a bug. Will be fixed the next release after 2.1.6 (probably 2.1.7).

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