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Could somebody explain or indicate tutorial about book and chapters?

How to link them to main menu or ...?
e107 version v2
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Of course you may, if you need help.

But already had an idea and checked it .
You have made somehwere a mistake or a typo this is the real url https://audrone.serveriai.lt/w107/page.php?bk=9  so ID of book would be plain number 9
that is the 'book 2' called Sveikata (having 2 chapters/pages)


Oh, it means that the second book should be the same number like it's ID

I thought

page.php?bk=1 and page.php?bk=2

Thank you very much
Still one question:

what means custom fields in book or chapter/

What I could here do?
a)Books are always on ID, If you would delte a book, an ID is always bound to the actual present item

b) Not my strong field... (custom fields) but you are able to add some extra 'coded things" like a little fill-in text field or alike ..
click the type dropdown there and see what code is represented or more what it should handle.

Needs another one to explain you more.. But unsure if it is working as it already states there is a missing method... Sorry..

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Thanks. I think, it is time E-107 to have plugin which could backup and restore automatically :-)
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Backup is present (admin/tools/database/  first item )  
quote: This will create a database dump and a zipped backup of all non-core plugins, your site theme, your media files and system logs. (guess can be automated by Cron.?, ) There are products out there (even free) that might handle such cases, not dpending on system but as external soft.Or (a lot use managed sites but pay mucho $$$.

Personal i prefer manual, knowing exactly what i am doing. Restoring has to be done manual anyway, as not ALL systemfiles are not taken into account. You ahve to have files present, and overwrite these with the backup files... (that is what is intended..not tested it myself as i do it 'the old way'.)

Your hosting provider should have the option to backup the database and the files....

Despite core has a cron backup, there's a old plugin that does backups "on demand" or on site visit, but only for mysql. It even has the option to send a zipped sql backup to a email...

Regarding backing up files, there's also a option you can do it manuially via FTP, so there's a lot of options out there...
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