[newpage= not show as dropdown but as links

If I use [newpage= it show them at the top of the page and not on the bottom. They also show as links and not as a dropdown.

Is this function removed or is it a bug in V 2.x
e107 version V 2.x

tgtje commented Aug 23, 2017

Duplicate; there were no answers there too (https://www.e107help.org/3523/a-few-questions-on-v2) , so i studied the files (needs a developer to look deeper). It looks like the dropdown 'slide' is not implemented (yet?) There's a TODO marker...for JS Best post it as issue on Github https://github.com/e107inc/e107/issues

Jimako commented Aug 28, 2017

Because this is template related things. You change nextprev template in your theme as you wish. I never used this before so I dont know how it should work.

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