How to update?

I have installed 2.15 and got the message that there is a new version available.

I have uploaded (overwritten) the new files to my webspace but the message that a new version (2.16) is available is still threre.

Please, what do I need to do to run the update or in general how to update the version?

Thank you in advance.
e107 version 2.15
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2 Answers


Jimako Points1186
1. check if you have check updates on  (In preferencies Advanced Mode)

2 if you uploaded files via FTP, there should be message to update core database (click on home admin page f.e. logo)

3. try to clear cache

4. click on Info page (last option in admin menu) and you will see what you real version of e107 is

I do updates via github, so just to have complet instruction:

1. set developer mode ON (In preferencies Advanced Mode)

2. Go to tab Database, find Option Sync with Github

3. Set Developer mode OFF

If nothing of this helps, create issue on github please.


Mr.Big Points14
Thank you, I don't need to go to Github. Clearing the cache and updating the DB helped.

Thank you very much.

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