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I am looking for a detail tutorial on how to create a themes for e107. I have been creating themes, but think not sure if I use it correctly currently.
e107 version 2.x

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tgtje Points2538
At present (afaik) there is no real detailed theme tut.
V2 is based on the bootstrap method (grid if you like).
However it does not follow the normal html 'build'but has its own 'construction' (aka layout how things are listed in theme php).

The best reference for now is looking in a v2 theme like BS3 and when starting fresh (or port) try using these as the basic : http://e107.org/developer-manual/theme-basics


Jimako Points1186
There was an old one. With no feedback I closed that site.

There is Starter theme on github.

There is Solid theme on github with step by step updating to actual result.

There are old themes ported for new version. On github too.

And, if you want to share your code on github, I could help you.


archer Points27
I got this book on e107 on the web. It is for version 1.x. Some of the information is still very much related/relevant to version 2.x.


Hope this will be of some value to others.

tgtje commented Aug 23, 2017

For overall use, indeed a lot is still related/relevant..HOWEVER since it is 10 Y old, and php and sql is changed and v2 is completely rewritten on most parts, one has to be carefull to use examples as they (although there is some compat for most things) MIGHT not function anymore. (or replaced/deleted/rewritten;moved etc...)

Jimako commented Aug 28, 2017

@tgtje this reminds me that I have unfinished theme tutorial on google drive. Maybe you have interest to check it.

Jimako commented Aug 28, 2017

@archer that book was great. I started with it 4 years ago. But now it's more the reminder how e107 was great cms.

tgtje commented Aug 28, 2017

@Jimako :  Gladly  i setup the m-language usage too ( allthough it is not complete in overall, but useable... (if you do not mind extensive explanation...have to get that under control; it does not yet cover menus and its relationship with the tables etc.. in %  i think about 70%). At my site (english most complete: tutorials).

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