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hi sorry for my english,

I try to explain my problemes, i can't screen image on your adminsitration forum.

can you explain me to configure this ?

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Image posting : use the icon (mountain) there is 4 methods. Looks like a path issue. (or you need to delete the cache (admin/settings/cache) ) can you post an (rightclick mouse) and post the url ? Or what happens when you click the icon.. ? ( normally a modal would popup).

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Hi, not enough information.

What version do you use? 2.1.5 or latest github?

Looks like htaccess problem.  Is it fresh install or moved from localhost or update?

Did you change folders / directories names?

What your console (F12) tells?
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Its a new installation and its htacces with this your forum, in local it's good,
but in the server 1and1 is not good
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Just updated my localhost, the same issue. But update of live site ended without problems.
Please write your php version on localhost and on live site.
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