[Solved]A video sharing script like plugin for e107.

At one time I was using clipbucket then I moved to cumulus clips both are video sharing scripts.

I was really hoping that the e107 tube that was being developed would have been a success as I really wanted to use it.

I Don't want to use the youtube gallery plugins since I am running the site I would really like to keep everything together. Is there anything else that I could try that would have a youtube like layout and not need ffmpeg or any video/audio converters to where I can just post the video with a thumbnail ?.


Again I want to say thanks for your time for reading this post.
e107 version 2.1.5

inferno-prime commented Jul 13, 2017

Yes that's what I mean its not for me. So I was wondering if there was something else I could use ?.

Jimako commented Jul 13, 2017

You can insert video in news images, insert video in tinymce (insert media button)... and there was v1 plugin updated for v2 but I can't find it. Sorry I can't help more.

inferno-prime commented Jul 13, 2017

I can insert but most are not meant for the news. its no problem I do appreciate the help though.

Jimako commented Jul 18, 2017


I inserted video riaght in news and news image, no problems.
closed with the note: Solved

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