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Plugin: https://github.com/Jimmi08/survey


Issue - Fatal error: require_once(): Failed opening required '/e107_plugins/forum/forum_class.php' (include_path='.:/usr/share/php5:/usr/share/php') in /usr/www/taskforce13tsw/501st/e107/e107_plugins/survey/survey.php on line 560


e107 version e107 2.1.6

LaocheXe commented Jun 20, 2017

It works, but now getting some issue.


When posting to the forum thread - Addition stuff is posted, example:

"Survey submitted: Tuesday 20 June 2017 - 00:15:58"

where is that so I can remove it?

LaocheXe commented Jun 20, 2017

Also can you help me with another thing?


I created a Leave of Absent "form" survey


I have it set up to post result to the forums, however I edit the threadpost name. So instead of just showing the survey name, it has survey name, User name, and I want to add the leave date that is in the "form" survey.


In the database the survey_results - results_results:



As leave date is the first date, is there a way to use that to be put into the thread title?

if ($row['survey_id'] == 1)
            //$threadInfo['thread_name'] = $row['survey_name'];
            $thisThreadname = "".$row['survey_name']."".USERNAME." - ".$LASTDATE.""; // TODO - Display Leave Date
        else if($row['survey_id'] != 1)
            //$threadInfo['thread_name'] = $row['survey_name'];
            $thisThreadname = $row['survey_name'];
        $threadInfo['thread_name'] = $thisThreadname;

tgtje commented Jun 20, 2017

Please let me remind you that the project is not really an active one (customised). I personally do not use the survey plug. To your question survey php line 419: $mailtext = LAN_SUR42.": ".$cnv -> convert_date($submit_time,"long")."\n\n"; that is your origin.


(or rethinking maybe internally called line 581.. guesiing here $time = time();)

tgtje commented Jun 20, 2017

On second question... that's a question for a e107 coder. like Cameron or Moc or even Septor (origin) etc.. (crazy idea... take a look inside oldpolls php, it somewhat reminds me of such structure.. it is different, but who knows, i know you have more knowledge than me ;-))

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Jimako Points1186
I wonder why if there is public repository with issues why don't ask there? If you want to help with this, I need survey and related forum data. And description how it should work.

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