The plugin works just fine under bootstrap theme, but i would like to integrate it to landing zero. Any idea for that?
e107 version v2.1.4

tgtje commented May 31, 2017

let's hope Jimako has some time and visists (busy busy busy) She did managed 2 on 1 page http://e107.sk/tutorials/how-to-2-newscarousels-on-one-page/ ok, not landing page zero (that theme is a little 'off' traditional expected build....Just hold on..maybe.. ( in tut go to about halfway)

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Jimako Points1186
Reason - news_menu_template.php under theme doesn't have template for carousel.   Why I supposed that e107 adds theme templates to core?  Oh, because on some places it adds and on some not. So again no rules!  Frankly I am tired of this.  So just copy NEWS_MENU_TEMPLATE[carousel] from news plugin templates and add it to theme template.  

On other side -  it's not there, so it's not styled neither. I hope you changed theme name otherwise it will be override with next update.

tgtje commented Jun 4, 2017

Thanks for more insight Jimako , knowing you are very busy.. (i learned something too..)  yes

Jimako commented Jun 4, 2017

This was surprise for me. I think that this is not correct behaviour. You should copy to your theme only template you want to change, not to remove all templates. At least for core menus (news_carousel menu is one of part core).  I know that this behaviour is set by parameters in calling template.

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