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I would like to make a two or more columns news categories menu (for my frontpage) but I am clueless how can I make such a look and how could I copy the categories menu (i would like to maintain the original for right sided menu purposes). I tried modify the months news menu but not success...
Thanks for your help!
e107 version 2.1.5
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Not my thing, but lets give a first reaction : do you want to want to 'split' it so it displays in 1 box-divide into 2 columns? It is bootstrap..so there could be a way..needs more theming expertise..template area is now a grid.. based on some col and row settings. those would create the display..(idea)
Yeah, this is the idea, and i would like to maintain the original menu skin. So it would be great if the menu would be responsive, when reach a certain width. But I have no idea where can I modify, I tried in the /e107_plugins/news/templates but nothing changed.

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Wooow, i am such silly.... You gave me the idea to rewrite the theme not the plugin. :D So. In the menu11 i will screen just the news categories and insert this div:

<div style="list-style-type: disc; -webkit-columns: 2; -moz-columns: 2; columns: 2; list-style-position: inside;">[menu]</div>


Thanks, gave me a new perspective.
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your other post (split column issue on Github ?? can it be closed please if seems solved?
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