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Hi all

1 - Sorry for my bad english, but I trying a few days to add аrea/menu In the middle below the news for forum of one templatess. I know this is not your job but I want to ask If anyone can do it to me please, i will be very grateful. thanks.

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Please provide more info.. An area on News page? and what should it display ? you mention forum.. Best to reply also which theme and is it for v1 of v2 of e107? If language is too difficult to explain.. make a drawing (scan in) and post it..

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Hello tgtje , thank you! 
I used Templates for v1 e107
This theme has 2 menus on the right, I want to have left 1, right 1 and middle 1 area.
But it needs to update the whole theme for version 2, But I can not :|


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i believe it is already in discussion at Gitter (and saw some idea/results). Let's wait for the outcome i think...
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