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I have textarea field (no WYSIWYG, clean textarea), I need probably some WRITEPARMS (filters) defined not to save inserted text with normal quotes as " in database

          'section_subheader' =>   array ( 'title' => 'Subheader', 'tab' => 1, 'type' => 'textarea', 'data' => 'str',   
              'writeParms' => array('size' => 'block-level'), 'width' => 'auto', 'help' => '', 'readParms' => '',  
                'class' => 'left', 'thclass' => 'left',  ),

And what parser to use to get it back (if this can't be solver)?  



e107 version e107 v 2.1.6 17.5.2017
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it looks as standard behaviour because in parser code there is replacing of these entites too

toHTML() added <br> tag if there are not visible enter (new lines), so this is not good option

toText() remove html tags, so this is not good option

this was solution


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