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I have recently installed newest E-107 version 2,15 and "RideBlue theme by veskoto with e107 Bootstrap"

I want to redo my old website in the new place but I see that I don't know how to do it and have many problems. Simple I don't find how to everything edit and would like to read about e-107 construction

Maybe there are some tutorials for this theme or simple for E-107 v2. I can't something to find.
e107 version 2.15
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There are no real 'user' friendly tutorials for v2 . Ther are however more technical examples and small tut available at http://e107.org/developer-manual. If needed to help you along for specific things, you may also use PM system and describe your trouble, or the thing you seek to do.. Just because it is v2 it is still quite the same in use as v1, only the 'looks 'are changed (as it uses bootstrap/html5 ) and some position are altered...(some core changes relate to new php and sql calls).

BUT take a look here it is a tutorial also (maybe it is enough to get you started (its a playlist) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4MkzQOILuk8&list=PLWy1FYhpCxSmpeBf4hrbz0M-6NL5Os4Bm

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Thank you for looking. I understood that I can't use multinlingual site here.
1. I think there are two ways: to leave this site only in Lithuanian, but how to come back? I mean refuse installed Lithuanian pack, to remove through FTP Lithuanian language and overwrite plugins from english? - will das help? What you think?

Is there some easy way to uninstall Lithuanian?

2.Another way: I have domain in the same hosting. It is in folder of audrone.serveriai.lt (www.vambutai.eu). To move my E-107 to its folder, for instance www.vambutai.eu/w - Does it work? Or not?

3. Another question: why so complicated codes appear in E-107  file after inserting a picture:

For instance :
<img src="{e_BASE}media/img/260x0/2017-05/herbas.jpg" srcset="/media/img/520x0/2017-05/herbas.jpg 520w" alt="Herbas" class="img-rounded rounded bbcode bbcode-img" width="260" />

instead of this:

<img src="images/herbas.jpg" width="260" height="300" alt="herbas"/> like in simple html or other CMS

I really don't know where to put images through FTP and uplaod only from Media manager
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1) no/yes, removing the lang files is : by ftp : languages remove folder Lithuanian, and in Plugins identical (languages/Lith...) Best do a search in dbase for Lithuanian, looh at the use and delete or keep in place. Have English running as site lang...

2) of course you can move e107 to any folder (as long as it is part of a domain).

Will this solve the lang issues? Best (imo) to start fresh with english, install; upload LT. Focus on the English first; than make table copies and you are on a good new start. (keep the old running so you can peek,copy and paste). ( i think you need to explain more what you like to do on this one).

3) i agree it is complicated , but you are working in a html5/bootstrap environment. For css (and coupled work) it has to be done so..Of course you are able such thing in textual (but you could loose mobilty displaying nicely).(and sadly the link is ok in code, but than again.the folder use in that link has to be known.'' little bit part of the next question/answer).

4) you upload the files INTO the IMPORT folder located inside the e107_system folder/number/import.
Next when done go into admin/mediamanager (left) Media upload/import.. in that field you can do a lot (also manual upload) and when busy you can (bulk/unsorted upload by ftp) sort the files/images into a category of choice...( the system will get the files itself, and places them into the parts where it has to belong to..eg moves files around to media etc.. and 'cleans'the import in one go). And that is also why the link on answer 3 has so much going on at folder level....(+ img thumbs created, display size etc..)..

advice: do 1 step at a time, you are pushing yourself to hard. since you have v1 and v2..a mistake slips in quite quickly.. (i do not mind to help so no problem there)

just created : here's something tha displays what i did in the tutorial.. (site has somelittle issues due to sql..but it works; running on php 7.1) Click around and see... http://tgtje.webege.com

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Sorry, I had not everything catch what you wrote...
At present I deleted Lithuanian language pack and see, that I lost a couple of pages :-)

Yes that is possible and frown always repeat... make a backup first. So in case you DO have a backup (dbase)... possible to restore...

As I know E-107 don't have such good plugin like Akeeba backup. I need to transfer all folders to my hard disk. Or it is enough to export MySql DB?

If you did NOT have a backup on forehand.. you can NOT use the below part. (restore a deleted page/-s)
An export of the sql dbase is always sufficient,
( i pers. do not like software to help as it is over the top in in normal use) Always adviced before making great changes on a website (make a backup from dbase + files first) you can revert back in case it fails.. ( a dbase export takes half a minute ?) And..why not do it once a month?.... hosting does offer backups incase server issues..but that is....

Are you familair with dbases and phpadmin..? If yes.. open up the (textual backupped) database with a good editor.
Find in that listing somewhere Pages... It should be something consisting of 2 'blocks' .
The first block represents the instructions what to do if no tables exist in dbase yet (so 'build'.)

The second part (INSERT INTO) holds ALL pages (and places,links to img..etc..) in a styling that interacts (values etc..) with the databasetables...

Well anyway this part IS the content..
NOW..without adding a new tutorial (backup:keep one untouched). READ before experimenting!! You are on your own at this point.... 

Go to your main database server find the e107_pages table ( 2 options possible, but depends of your knowledge) you CAN DELETE (drop) this WHOLE table (opt 1) or you CAN EMPTY the tables (table content) of this PAGES TABLE..

If NO new pages were added : DELETE the whole pages table.. (keep database open and look at top for SQL (normally second tab) click on it..and STOP. (a blank field should appear)

NExt : you had opened up the sql file in an editor ? COPY the TOTAL (eg the 2 blocks) representing Pages ( so the parts starting with Create + part Insert...completly). Make sure it is complete selected.(area) No extras before OR after...
Now PASTE this in the empty field of the database window..when pasted click Start..

if you did all right.. a greenish bar should report  bla blabla.. success.....anything else reporting > you miscopied, table has errors etc.. than it is somewhere wrong.. read.. it should give you errors described..)

That is all in a small package (basic).. It is how to work with/in databases and is applicable to each system is used, not related to e107 or alike..

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 I am not so good to work in MySQL tables but I use import, export and some small actions time to time. Thank you for your advices. They will be usefull.
(Akeeba backup for Joomla does it everything automatically even by updating Joomla core. You can create Joomla in folder, backup and restore in a couple steps in root.)

At present I left my previuos E-107 and installed a new one in folder of my domain, Lithuanian pack as well. I will try to read and do something acording your tut.; thefore I am not concerned what I lost in previuos installation. Not so much, simple I am learning... step by step and will write about my results.
Sometimes I have dificulties, because you know, English isn't my native language :-)




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It is not my native too ( Dutch) but we try cheeky

We are almost neighbor :-)
Another question:
I did till page 22. Multilingual doesn't work for me.
My domain is vambutai.eu, E-107 installed in folder w

well you say vambutai.eu and folder w (sub)  using that DOES display the site (LT) now using the lang switch i end up at ht tp://en.vambutai.eu/w/   again this is a domain pointer.. en.xxxxx  (has to be a existing parked (aka you have paid and registered it).So only use enable languages (do NOT use the parked things...and tp keep things easier (no explanation now) use a single / (slash) for the site url in preferences (no need to use domain name)

Maybe you can setup a fresh (empty) SUBdomain; grant me ftp access, database access (aka owner rights for that sub dom) and i can try to setup an example (if that would seem a solution..by PM system eg click on name and send a message). Notify runs on mail ( so there is a some time delay)...

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16th page in your tutorial: "Select from Dropdown Dutch" - I do not have dropdown to select ?

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It is located in the TOP nav bar (next to the admin icon) if not present you missed a step somewhere (tables copy) OR your theme is acting up. (see your right marker for lt table info it should be straight above that on the bar) (iso lang code.. either EN or LT (etc..)
Yes it is, sorry :-)

Ok by me wink  

Just have a look, and use the switch... you will notice something devil


(ps gone untill later this evening..some have to work too ;)  Even on Sunday :(

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Hello again, I am already afraid that I get bored you. Very sorry...

  1.  I am reading again your tutorial: page 18. You teach to translate links like News and other. I did it, but when I switch page to English I don't see translated tables. It is empty, no one link. How to copy tables?
  2.  page 23 - don't understand image "Results in (display)". What I should see?
  3. page 24. You talk about First, second pages. Where they are? Should I create them?
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1) seems your table is empty.. same goes for pages (although english has one only).
So there are no links to translate as there are none in the copy, so i just created them for you (2 url)( since i do not know what you did when applying the copies, i can not be sure, so he actual answer..??? normally this behaviour is when the table is empty ..so will be the copy...

2) the image is displaying the results (marked with red dots so you can visual see what all is replaced (english vs dutch)

3) they were made BEFORE i did enable language tables and were supposed to be demo pages.
When table copies are created . thes pages (title and content ) are copied ALSO to the new language. Being the copies then.. i can now edit them to my likings..

Since your site already HAS the tables copied. you can go ahead adding pages BUT rememebr from this point on... Need a LT page ? > make it.(in LT) .Need an EN page> you NOW have to make one in EN  (copying does not work anymore once it was done).. Each language (page ,news etc.. work AFTER copy in a INDIVIDUAL setting. (so is split up)
(ok multilan tools plugin can help with that) but that plugin is not in my tut (at least not now soon), and takes too much time to explain
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