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I have recently installed newest E-107 version 2,15 and "RideBlue theme by veskoto with e107 Bootstrap"

I want to redo my old website in the new place but I see that I don't know how to do it and have many problems. Simple I don't find how to everything edit and would like to read about e-107 construction

Maybe there are some tutorials for this theme or simple for E-107 v2. I can't something to find.
e107 version 2.15
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There are no real 'user' friendly tutorials for v2 . Ther are however more technical examples and small tut available at http://e107.org/developer-manual. If needed to help you along for specific things, you may also use PM system and describe your trouble, or the thing you seek to do.. Just because it is v2 it is still quite the same in use as v1, only the 'looks 'are changed (as it uses bootstrap/html5 ) and some position are altered...(some core changes relate to new php and sql calls).

BUT take a look here it is a tutorial also (maybe it is enough to get you started (its a playlist) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4MkzQOILuk8&list=PLWy1FYhpCxSmpeBf4hrbz0M-6NL5Os4Bm

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It seems I have read an old information in some of forum about it.
I don't find Lithuanian language file, but on my hard disk I have an old e107_1.0.4_Lithuanian_lt_LT-utf8
Can I it use?
Really I don't remember how to do, because I did my old website 10 years ago. Maybe there are something to read?
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Not sure if anyone is busy with a LT v2 language pack (here are the present ones : https://github.com/e107translations ).

Yes it is possible to use the v1 pack but you will see > things not translated; wong translation; LAN"s code instead of text etc.. because v2 is newer, changed upgraded and rearranged.. (and still developed); even in v1 due to nature of these days some textual content might even create errors..

Simple tut : site language (By install > english or LT ?

FIRST backup database !!!!

It depends if from start all runs on 1 of these.. 

normally > install packs >go to admin/language/ ENable multilang tables.

Next Link Tables (referesh page) should appear on left > clcik > list of installed languages

click on the one to use > next select f.e. Pages (2 x V) save ..a copy of the original tables is created.

When switching languages in admin you can access these pages ( each lang should have them now 'identical" ) edit the copied one (from new lang) and rework...,save

Make sure you can switch the site for languages (menu) and test..

This is just a VERY brief explanation.., maybe you get it back once done. (as mentioned ..busy on tutorial, but needs time..)


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I will wait when you do some tutorial. I have installed old .lt language file by extracting in server admin panel (other methods didn't work).
Now I have some titles with LAN__....  in admin of E-107 and don't understand what is what. I would do translation myself but don't know what and where. I think I need to translate some files..., which file in English language folder is important?
I don't need translation in admin panel but maybe isn't  available to return back to English admin panel :-) ?

I got icon to choose language but how  to assign some articles to one or another language, don't find. The problem maybe with menu - didn't catch how to create them yet ...

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if you see LAN.XXX it means not translated *eg only english maybe) OR there's new code in place.

Whre the LAN is to be found > inside the language files > is it 'outside'of admin (and not a plugin) the files are in the main lang. folder ; are the LAN's INside admin > lang. folder/sub admin/...

Plugins do normally carry there own.. You can 'guess' which/where file by asking yourself..what part of it is it where i am working with (might give away the page/file is called (always lang. folder ). If you are up to it (common practice) external software that can seek > refered as  'regex'  (here are some freebies https://www.raymond.cc/blog/search-a-particular-word-in-multiple-editable-text-files/ ) There more out there of course, and depends on ones need you might also consider Notepad++ , that one does the job also.. the search you make (word etc) is the LAN > find in english; look at file name> find/place inside LT file of same name (LAN is always the same (def)> the textual content is the one that changes..

Quote :assign some articles to one or another language you do NOT assign, but translate.

this is possible AFTER a table copy is  made (suppose you had an english page) > copy > doubled english page BUT it should now exist in LT language (or vice versa)>(selected language for tables) no changes please to the main one(original), but the copy (changes are mad while switched in admin to language using).

When done and you can switch the site on front the original should be displayed in the original language AND after switch > your new 'copied' one in the new language should display.....

I know it is frustrating but let's hope i can find some more time to do the essentials first this weekend... ( please do re-read the postings ... most basics are described ...(make backups.. than you can play and test and reset if wrong) 

(patience is a virtue, and also a pain... sorry)

my 2 brain cells keep blinking ;-) here's an example (not complete and used for v 0.6 to v 0.7) Courtesy of Packt Publishing + © it is a small excerpt of the book containing the basics how to.. Although v2 looks different, the conceptual is identical. It does however not go deeper into the matter, but in combination with the recent posts, you could see the relevance for what i mean.. this way you have some things to go with for the time being.. https://tgtje.nl/tempie/language06.pdf


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I put English_custom.php into English language and Lithuanian_custom.php into Lithuanian language folders
What I should create now in and how to name?
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Thank you, I have deleted  those custom files and forgot them. I will wait your tutorial.
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as promised, maybe a little overwhelming, (very visual since no movies along right now), and maybe you will get an headache cheeky  just read and take (i hope everything is checked good) it literally.. (do not stray of the path).. just try to complete it..Once you get the hang of it, you will notice..heyyy it is not that hard..


Would you be so kind to reply (hopefully satisfied) if you have some comment or advice,idea etc ?


(ahum.. some options are not allowed with the file) devil

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Thank you very much for tutorial.
I have read 10 pages and to coorect my errors want to show  what I have http://audrone.serveriai.lt/trinti/myinstallation.html

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you are already (due to fact you probably use both langauges throughout) are in some trouble, and you are using the domain feature. Please do note !! it has to be a real domain (even if it is a subfolder) w...domainname has to be a real domain, (NOT the name of a subfolder) I do not know if a virtual server can achieve this, because it is bound to DNS.

Does the switch work ? yes but partially (because dns (parking part) does likely not allow such..what do i mean : here's a screener top is english 'call' bottom is lt call (look at the ADDRESSBAR how i type it to envoke the switch by url...) .php ? [en ] or [ lt ] in system that is called elan. (no spaces between) just for clearance).


when using multilan (discussable should you need a lang domain (business) or 1 site that does handle it)..will work in a subdomain too.


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