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I am still on 1.0.4
Two days ago everything was working fine. Yesterday one of my admins reported that he could not log in. The CAPTCHA code disappeared in both user and admin areas.
We are not able to login to our accounts.
All files on the server seems to be OK. No suspicious files fund.
Any advice greatly appreciated!
e107 version 1.0.4

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tgtje Points2521
Best to check if the server wasn't upgraded. V1 (0.4) will run nicely up to php 5.3.2 higher will influence the coding (as v1 is older). Another is checking if GD is enabled, and changed recently any files? utf 8 without BOM; or white space in php file


Prozac Points21
Many thanks tgtje.

My php version is 5.6.15.
GD is enabled - bundled (2.1.0 compatible), enabled for all image formats.
No files have been changed since 2015, except those in the cache folder.

I know, one day I will have to update to V2 to avoid problems in the future.
I just modified too many template and core files and that's why I've been delaying the upgrading process.

Guys, how can I log in to my admin panel if can't see the code?
Maybe I can somehow turn the image code verification off in the database?


tgtje Points2521
Yes you can in core table SitePrefs (also change the same in siteprefs backup table line.)

if i am correct it is 'logcode' => '1', change that one to 0


Prozac Points21
Thanks a lot. I found it.
Now it's high time to think about upgrading my e107.

Best regards!

tgtje commented Apr 21, 2017

Yw, best to do it on pc home level using wamp or xampp.Before running live site..

Second advice would be using php 7 too ..than your good for future..

more internal advice on v2 : http://e107.org/developer-manual


Prozac commented Apr 21, 2017

Yep, I do have EasyPHP.

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