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I have setup e107 in a folder called e107, (public_html/e107).  I want to move everything to the root directory, public_html.  I have backed up all of the files and the database.

Moving a Joomla website is as simple as edting the config.php file.  Moving Wordpress takes some database search and replace url references.

Is there a proceedure written down somewhere?  Can I just copy over the files to the root folder and expect it to work?  is there something else i should do in preparation for the move?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
e107 version 2.1.5
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You could, but the site url is the hard one. (the changes will still be written in the dbase, so you would need that one as backup)

In such cases (call them hardcoded url's as in profiles image) i normally use phpmyadmin > search > edit through there.. (by search you got the knowledge you have had all...wink)

so all in all, changes are easier by phpmyadmin....

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As you already mentioned : similar to Joomla + WP . edit the config file to represent the paths (if changed) and of course those that reference the dbase.

The only other thing to keep in mind (always backup minimal. the dbase) is the SITEurl and/or any hardcoded (full url's). (think for images/files which might be posted, and refer to domain used)

The sitelink (domain address) can be changed in the e107_Core table  (do this if needed , also the backup line ; both are inside the core table).
Not noticed, byt who knows? the htaccess file on root. Where there any path changes..keep an eye on it

(discussion/debateble : i personally always use a plain / for siteurl, that way i never need to change dbase too, just some refs in config.

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Can I change all of the database references in the back end?

When moving a Wordpress website I have found I can change the website urls in the back end, close it and then copy the database over to the new host.  Of course I keep backups of the database before and after.

I backed up the database and files first.  Can I login to the backend of e107, remove the /e107/ references in the examples below, close the backend and then copy over the files to the root folder?

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