Agency Theme cannot find/edit the glyph-icons on main page

First I would like to say how impressed I am with e107.  This is my first time working with e107 and I am still a bit lost.  It is becoming clearer every time I work with it but I am stumped with a small issue.

Just below the header image there is a section with three Bootstrap glyphicons, E-Commerce, Responsive Design, Web Security.  Each with a blurb that I would like to edit.  I have looked every place I can think of but cannot find where to edit that part of the template.
e107 version 2.1.5

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tgtje Points2481
Quick answer as pc is not around (nor theme): right click icon (use inspect) it should tell something like fa-stack..

Go into templates, most likely menu template... Hope it helps somewhat

VernSouthern commented Apr 17, 2017

@tgtje Thanks for the clues.  I was able to find the settings under Pages/Menus > Menu List

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