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I have edit textarea with bbcodes. It's done this way in old plugin:

$text .= "<textarea class='tbox' name='news_com_comment' rows='15' cols='75' style='width:95%' onselect='storeCaret(this);' onclick='storeCaret(this);' onkeyup='storeCaret(this);'></textarea><br>";
$text .= display_help('helpb', 'forum');}

How to get the same result with $frm = e107::getForm(); ?

If I use this:

$frm->textarea('news_sum',$row['news_sum'],10, 100,array('size'=>'block-level'))

there are no buttons of course,

if I use this:

$frm->bbarea('news_sum',$row['news_sum'],10, 100,array('size'=>'block-level'))

there are tinymce buttons. 

I can't set tinymce OFF, it's needed in other parts.


e107 version e107 v 2.1.6 27.3.17
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