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Just need a little help on trying to make my website so it is restricted to people of the age 18+ any help appreciated,

(also i used to use E-107 quite alot a few years ago and i have to admit im not to keen on the new cpanel theme,)

and i have noticed it really hard to find a theme i like, there dont seem to be to meny "new ones" if you know what i mean...
e107 version Version 2.1.4
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As for the admin theme, there currently are improvements being made. Please join in the discussion on Github and Gitter to contribute and make sure your suggestions get taken into account.

2 Answers

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I'm thinking that this is the best way but there may be other suggestions:

- Set website to members only
- On signup, make sure that each user is 18+ (you need some custom coding for this, but it is possible)
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This is old question, just popped up for me. I have plugin to check age, originally made for check site with content about alcohol.
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