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I recently upgraded from E107 0.7 to 2.1.2 but I can't save anything on the Preferences page in the admin area. I keep getting the "Please Fill Out This Field" popup to the upper left of the page when I click on "Save Changes". Do you guys know how I can fix this please?
e107 version 2.1.2
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This is probably a bug which has now been fixed in Github, and which will be present in the next release (probably 2.1.3).

You can manually update already. Here are the instructions:
- Enable developer mode in Admin Area > Preferences > Advanced features
- Go to Admin Area > Tools > Database > Sync with Github

(self note: https://github.com/e107inc/e107/issues/1245)
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Thanks for the answer, Moc. Unfortunately, I can't even enable developer mode because of the same error - "Please Fill Out This Field" pops up to the upper left of the page when I click on "Save Changes". :(

Ok, the only option then is to do it manually. Download the latest files zip from Github: https://github.com/e107inc/e107/archive/master.zip

In your case, I'd say only reupload and overwrite this file: e107_admin/prefs.php

Then see if you can follow the instructions in my previous post to update from Github. 
Let me know how it works out :) 

Doesn't seem to work. Problem still persists. :(



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Doesn't seem to work. Problem still persists. :(

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Does it happen on prefs on all buttons (save).. if yes it also can happen (it is an upgrade) due to an old plugin...(i.e. a certain file in the plugin) which plugin it does is the question.. The mentioned can not go into dev mode triggered the thought. Had similar a while ago.. > hunt for plugin....

Yup, it happens on all save buttons in preferences. Errr...which plugin could it be? It already asked me to remove the plugins that are not compatible when I upgraded. Also not sure how the plugins would affect the preferences.
Of course (will be clear) no v2 plugins. Most likely it are plugins that do store a lot of data or will be capable of changing internal settings. (just as an example : take a third party clan plugin, those do often create connections with login and user functions.. old vs new code can stumble upon as they may ask for the same but can call the wrong settings (which might be changed). Does that make all elder plugins 'low quality'? No, there are some good old ones that work without a hassle.(and no, not every clan plugin is bad, just as example for 'runnings')

Due to the nature of php versions in use today, some could just throw in plain error mistakes.

I would suggest (manual labour helas): make a backup of your dbase. Use a FTP client and just transfer (v1) plugins OUT of the server folders, so it is not to be 'seen' by the system (aka delete from server, but keep on pc). do it 1 by one, and do not change anything else with them (do not change names as it will not eliminate the files inside if faulty). Each time (you can stay in your admin pref screen (logged in) refresh the prefs page, make a small insignficant change and try to save. Iff it works and get success, reverse the process...that way you can find out which plugin (or files within) does it.

If i can recall for me that time it was the third plugin ( yes a self made one  uhhh with errors in code file) that did it (so was not to lenghty of a process.

When in doubt just repeat. Why the copy of dbase ?... v2 CAN (caching) sometimes alter some dbase settings in present/gone plugins... Iff things would alter too much . files are put in place on the fly, and having an untouched dbase ... you will understand..

Else i would not have another solution... sometimes it has to be done, and please note : the more older plugins in use : eventually (php 5.6 and higher) will bring in troubles on future use.. try to lookout iff there are newer ones already available which can do the (near) same. Hardest things will be the communication on MySQL  (deprecated) > PDO is more and more in use...

Success and ask if needed. When success a notice would be fine too.. (solution which one or so would help)..

Please contact Cameron through Gitter (our chatroom): https://gitter.im/e107inc/e107
He can debug this for you.

Doesn't seem to be the case of plugins. I removed the entire old plugin directory and replaced with the latest plugin directory from the latest E107 download. Problem still persists. :(
One last check. Please clear the Caches. (Admin Area > Settings > Cache > Empy all cache > Delete)
Does this make any difference?
Thanks again for your quick reply, Moc. I tried deleting the cache and it logs me out each time. I guess that's meant to happen. However, when I log back in to save the preferences, the same "Please Fill Out This Field" problem occurs. :(

Still trying to find cause, but than realised, maybe it is only a small part from e107.. Did regex on the line mentioned  (Please Fill Out This Field) : in either combination it is (at least i can't) not to be found! So this pointed me to look outside, also in mind : popup .. Where does it belong to..... as i do not find evidence...

This is what i came up with, likely somewhere in e107 code a required attribute is used which triggers a/the browser (s) 

quote : in fact part of the new HTML5 protocol when you use the required attribute. The text you are seeing is in fact part of your browser, and will display different message based on the language of the users browser ...(setCustomValidity(msg))

Does this make any sense for @Moc or any other dev ? prefs php > required use : is only pointed to email address; sitename ; siteurl

Thanks for your detailed explanation tgtje. I imagine that fixing this (at least temporarily) just means removing the required attribute in code? Will probably cost a ton of other problems but right now, my website is completely not functional since I can't save anything in the WYSIWYG editor and I want to turn if off in the preferences. So any solution to see if I can get my website to a functional state would be much appreciated. Thanks! :)
The quickest way is to contact Cameron through Gitter. As a temporary solution you may remove the required attributes in the code, but I doubt they'll fix it. Just out of curiousity, which browser are you using and did you try using a different browser?

Quote : WYSIWYG editor and I want to turn if off in the preferences

Go into dbase; go to core table; got to siteprefs (and siteprefs backup ecvt.) about on 60% of table you should find : 'wysiwyg' => '1',   change 1 to 0 and save (always backup dbases before applying changes)

but.. while doing so i discovered something peculiar... i can (or am forced !!) replicate !! (reinstalled test version)

I got the same message using FF... off to investigation/.. please give me some time to do so.. any thing i find will be shared.

edit : small first find : it IS likely in prefs php ; using an old one does help); going test deeper what causes it).. higher than 2.1.1 fails)

tgtje you managed to replicate! Nice! I am getting this problem in Firefox but I remember having the same problem in Chrome too. Also thanks for the tip on line 461. Since you already replicated the issue, I think I will just wait awhile longer.
Are you using the English language on your website or a different one? In case of a different one, test with English to verify.
English language as can be seen in the screenshot link I posted earlier but tgtje is using a different language.
Indeed Sherman, but i use english also, it is just a shot when dutch was used (multi lang site). Although dutch, it is the same 'content display' for dutch (and yes this is from browser, not e107 language set in a lan)
@Sherman kept the install that did replicate, but for testing (separate folder)  i had also to use the latest...In the latest (1/2 h old) i have NO issues. So it has to be something internal..(maybe a miss overwrite ? as mentioned while busy i could replicate, which was not on forehand.) that makes it awkward.. Maybe (just maybe) an admin peek inside , honestly have no clue if it would help, but who knows.?
tgtje, which file from the latest build fixed the problem? Or was it the database?
Sorry, I forgot about the screenshot. The issue is being discussed here: https://github.com/e107inc/e107/issues/2152
Base is a new full github pack: if that works fine, than problem lies else. (deduction).

For a further examination one would need the whole site (files and dbase) to accurately pinpoint the cause. So a next step COULD be : backup ALL (files and dbase) upload a github pack (do not install, and delete the install file). Now copy the old config to this new pack, and point the dbase to a created copy of the dbase. (original keep in backup !!). Stop there.. upload from backup any third party plugins/theme you use. )or do it one by one and test...else :

Log in and test (update will likely being set in motion). Workaround : yes, but base is new.

Iff anything would trigger the same thing : than you already narrowed the issue being in theme or older plugin.
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Dirty fix : please comment line 461 of admin/prefs.php to get a working state. (disable)

Please note : it is not THE solution, it has to be reviewed...

@Moc : should this be made an issue ? The amount of issues with this are (yet) low..? I will post is as a message on Gitter.

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Yep, please post it up on Github now :) Thank you.
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