.htaccess causing forced logouts

I was moved to another machine on my webhost a few months ago. I encountered this problem shortly after.

So I am going through the file to see what code is cauing the problem. But in the meantime I would like to know what code is essentail to have in the file.
e107 version 2.1.2
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Moc Points2266
The best reference for your .htaccess file is the e107.htaccess file provided on Github: https://github.com/e107inc/e107/blob/master/e107.htaccess

Issues with logging in/out are most commonly caused by incorrect server configurations. In specific related to the session save path (either no set at all, or done incorrectly in the php configuration, OR the specified folder is not writable by the user). The best way to resolve this is by contact your webhosting provider.

I must say that I do have experienced some automatic logout actions, so there may be a bug somewhere. Still on my list to test.

inferno-prime commented Nov 28, 2016

Update: Well please don't flame at me but before it was acting like it was the htaccess file but now for some reason it has changed. Before my php.ini only had two lines and I never had to touch it .

On a unrelated note does e107 create the cookies or does it use php for that. And also could I ask what code I should put in there as I am a bit confused since people seem to use lots of different examples and I would prefer to be as detailed as possile as to not miss anything.

Update 2:I know this is going to sound very dumb and weird but just to test I deleted my php.ini and so far the problem is gone so far I will post again tomorrow to see if it has stopped.


PS I did contact the webhost and they were no help. They sell the product but don't know very much about it.

Moc commented Nov 29, 2016

Pay peanuts get monkeys :) (Assuming you are on a cheap one, if not, I'd advise to move away asap)

Well, server configurations can mess a lot of things up. I recommend a capable webhosting provider. Then you won't need to change anything. Let us know how things work out.

inferno-prime commented Nov 29, 2016

the host I have is Arvixe so far they provied great service and prices since I had found a discount. VPS and Dedicated are way to much for me but they know just enough to get you started but otherwise i've had no problems.

Moc commented Dec 1, 2016

Arvixe normally should be good. My comment doesn't apply to this host :)
Has the problem been resolved now?


MikeyGMT Points37

Not sure if related, but I spotted a tiny anomily in e107.htaccess.

Change the last " to a plain one on line 86. Really hard to spot but it has the curly " (like those word auto converts quotes to). 

It has this not the correct one "  

ExpiresByType image/x-icon "access plus 1 year

Submitted a correcting pull request - will be evaluated by devs soon. 



inferno-prime commented Nov 28, 2016

I tried but got the same result. But thank you though.

tgtje commented Nov 28, 2016

Ha testcase i guess , not sure why sometimes <FilesMatch "\.php$"> is used and when(we)  <FilesMatch \.php$> or even <FilesMatch "\.(php)$">  who knows? Out of my league here.....


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