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I wanted my site to upgrade the old to the new system, because a lot of news, forum posts, etc. in it. Now back to the old system. My site is multi-languages. However, I would like to upgrade the system​. The upgrade were the following problems - the update of system completed successfully: No forum (I pus the forum link and nothing on the page - blank page), no caption on the comment menu, no news month (I put it on the menuarea, but menu don't appears), no contact page (only caption), no settings of the user page (only caption), no images on the admin page (example in download), I don't make custom menu (if I put script into the custom menu textbox the contents disappear after creation), This shows that the update is not without problems. I'm thinking install the new system, but this should be rename the system to old, such as old (example old_fizithemes.hu) and the name sould be the original name (fizithemes.hu). How can I make this? The problem with this that the all contents not visible on the site. Therefore would be better the update. Step by step how need upgrade the system? (what need delete, what need rewrite, etc.)Thanks help!
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all contents not visible on the site

please do remember from v1 some of the content was created in system IN the language in use (language tables enabled) so the dbase did create (old version) tables like e107_lan_hungarian (or cz etc..). Are they present ?  (be aware that language files should be up to date as much as possible).

Backup ALL , (testscenario) if no tables are present > go into system (language) and enable the a) multi language datasetables and b) load languages..... etc.. next go to tables and activate... do a re-run for database validity. 

"all contents not visible on the site" I wrote if I use fresh install the all v1 content not visible. I know the system, I made all language file for my language and I set all for it (multi-language, languages files fresh, etc.). I wrote these problems, because I have no idea and I don't make anyting to make it that the site work normally on v2. (now I restored the site to v1). If will solutions to these problems I will again upgrade the page to V2 (I have tried to upgrade the page five times, but has never been good).

Iff you would be so kind to provide a dbase backup (for personal testing) i will gladly have a test run over it..

I do not need any files, or plugins... only a sql file. If interested/willing please by PM (click name).

Work in progress, waiting for test results from Fizi... blush

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First aid in these cases:

1. switch to default bootstrap theme to exclude custom theme issues

2. test only English version to exclude language pack issues

3. switch off all none core plugins (not ported for version 2) to exclude legacy issues. F.e content plugin.

If site works, then problem is somewhere else not in core and not in upgrade. 

Check each issue if it's still appearing. But always in bootstrap/English/core plugins combination, because otherwise everybody will look at wrong place. And use debug mode.

 No forum (I pus the forum link and nothing on the page - blank page)

- htaccess or sef url (url configuration) problem or left already not used files (run files integrity test)

no caption on the comment menu

- rendering or translating issue

no news month (I put it on the menuarea, but menu don't appears)

- try to install menus at theme area at first. Try refresh menus button.  Put it at first on the list. (It sometimes happens when menu before has problems - again problem is somewhere else)

no images on the admin page (example in download)

-  htaccess issue, htaccess from version 2 is different than in version 1, maybe you have old one there...

 I wish you luck and I really enjoy for your themes for version 2

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