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I am able to stay logged in a little longer but I guess the cookie or session is expiring other then that I reinstalled twice with no change in config or folder names.

I have tried adding this bunch of code to my .htaccess in hope it would solve this problem.

<IfModule mod_php5.c>
    #Session timeout
    php_value session.cookie_lifetime 0
    php_value session.gc_maxlifetime 0


PS I apologize if I have made any of the e107 devs mad with the way I do things that was not my intention. I am not much of a coder type person so I rely on the e107 team for all my problems.
e107 version 2.1.2
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Just commenting not answering.. needs a programmer... By install cookie time is 84600 (about 1 day). But there is difference between cookie/session time and actually 'being busy time'. (easy answered). The last is dependant on server... were a cookie will be 'erased'after a day... Thats 1.. 2) For the above mentioned htacc.. (not to familiar with it) you also need AllowOverride session.cookie_lifetime specifies the lifetime of the cookie in seconds which is sent to the browser ( a real session might still be valid) some more inside : https://bytes.com/topic/php/insights/889606-setting-timeout-php-sessions
Which user tracking method are you using? (see preferences?) Does switching to the other option make a difference?
I tried it and got the same result.
Thanks for the info tgtje I will have a look over it.

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For reference in the event someone else has this problem I added this into my .htaccess : RewriteRule .* - [CO=test:mycookievalue:.example.com:0:/]
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Thank you for sharing wink

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