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I want to use the Simple Portal theme but I am having trouble with the carousel and the news grid not working to my liking. The carousel is showing black and the news grid is not showing the columes like I have them set.


Any ideas ?.

e107 version v2.1.2
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Is anything shown below the black box? In other words, is the footer loading? I'm asking this because if the footer is not loading, this means there is a PHP Fatal error, probably causing your issue, which can be debugged.
The footer with the disclaimer and such does load.
Alright, then please post up the issue on Github. Seems like a bug (or requires testing).
I have decided to drop the carousel for now but I will use the news grid instead which I am encountering some problems with.

I set the columns to to 2 in the menu but for some reason are not showing only one column does.
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