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Maybe just point me where to look...  I have new plugin and I need sometimes display content of page without header and footer (no navbar etc).  

You can look here: http://v2demo.e107.sk/e107_plugins/jm_jplayer/jplayer.php   

THere is popup and you can insert the same page as iframe. But popup and iframe display header and footer too. This is inserted the same page as iframe in page.php.  


e107 version e107 2.1.2
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@Jimako no real answer, but was sure i read something similar in v1 days (no find) Since it also was a issue on Git #1442 it might give away clues....
I solved it. After your answer I remembered that menu manager use iframe for displaying theme preview. But thanks.

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In true it's so easy that I can't believe it. 

        define('e_IFRAME', true);
        require_once (HEADERF);

The point is to define e_IFRAME before calling header. 

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