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i need change a list of book/chapters

now is


  • area1 (all pages of area1 selected)
  • area2 (all pages of area2 selected)
  • area3 (all pages of area3 selected)

but i need


  • area1
    • area1::type1(all pages of area1::type1 selected)
    • area1::type2(all pages of area1::type2 selected)
    • area1::type3(all pages of area1::type3 selected)
  • area2 (all pages of area2 selected)
    • area2::type1(all pages of area2::type1 selected)
    • area2::type2(all pages of area2::type2 selected)
    • area2::type3(all pages of area2::type3 selected)
  • area3 (all pages of area3 selected)
    • area3:type1(all pages of area3::type1 selected)
    • area3::type2(all pages of area3::type2 selected)
    • area3::type3(all pages of area3::type3 selected)

it's possibile ?

e107 version v2
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Are Areas chapters? Are Types templates? I was able to do something like this with new php menu displayed only on main page page. It wasn' t easy.
On second thought. From your question it looks you have some form there, I am courious how you do type selecting? I used another approach too - created new plugin to extend book/chapters functionality and its global shortcodes you can use in chapters or page templates.

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i have 50th pages. and 3 master-category  on  "List Books/Chapters"

and 9 sub category

when i write a page i select

  • Website_chapter/book_Principal
  • firstbook
    • chapter1 (8 pages)
    • chapter2 (4 pages)
    • chapter3 (6 pages)
  • secondbook
    • chapter4 (8 pages)
    • chapter5 (4 pages)
    • chapter6 (6 pages)
  • thirdbook
    • chapter7 (2 pages)
    • chapter8 (5 pages)
    • chapter9 (7 pages)

i need use chapters/book

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Hi I still dont understard what is different to normal book/chapter look (not displaying but hierarchy). Or do you mean area as menu area? You have my email, you can send me screenshots. I am now in stage where I test limits of book/chapter system opposite old content plugin. This can be next test, I just need to understand what you need. As before, language issues. And no problem.

i send you a picture :)

thank you
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