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Hi all

How can I set other language than English in Tinymce plugin? I Would like to set my language as default, but canĀ“t find how to do that... Thanks

btw how to change tiny template and use tiny plugins?
e107 version 2.1

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kreos Points355
../e107_plugins/tinymce4/plugins/compat3x/plugin.js:           (or in    plugin.min.js)  

..... settings.title = tinymce.i18n.translate((editor.settings.language || "en") .....



 lang = settings.language || "en";



"language": "en",

akogo commented Apr 22, 2016

Thanks but unfortunately, after changes, all the time English

tgtje commented Apr 22, 2016

I do think the adjustments are correct, but after reviewing some files, i do miss the language files it should 'get' . (by file or folder). Looking in v1 there was a language js etc.. Because i am not a real tinyuser, but somewhat familiar with the system build, i (imo) do not believe, the present v2 version is handling multi lang. Github issue ??  Post overthere please, and/or wait for other comments...


akogo Points12

Here is the solution:

Download latest wysiwyg.php file from here: https://github.com/e107inc/e107/tree/master/e107_plugins/tinymce4 and your tinymce4 language file: http://archive.tinymce.com/i18n/

Create a new folder in the /tinymce4/langs/pl.js directory


akogo commented Apr 28, 2016

...and to change tiny template:
Remove double slashes from the line (wysiwyg.php):

// $ret['skin_url'] = e_PLUGIN_ABS.'tinymce4/skins/eskin';

Download skin from: http://archive.tinymce.com/download/plugins.php?tag=4

Rename selected template, for example:
$ret['skin_url'] = e_PLUGIN_ABS.'tinymce4/skins/tundora';

Moc commented Apr 29, 2016

- Regarding language, this is a bug that has been resolved in the latest Github version and will be included in the 2.1.2 release.

- Changing the template is possible but not recommended because it may introduce new bugs. It is therefore hardcoded and not an option in the admin area at this point.


tubbis_2 Points34
I have unfortunately come across the same problem when translating the en.js to swedish.
It's always english no matter what. I've tried every possible option. sv_SE.js(this should be the correct name) se.js or sv.js. I tried and changed language to slovak and then the tinymce4 changed language to slovak. So i have looked to see if there was something different with those files  but can't find any differences except the translation.

tgtje commented May 25, 2017

the js file is a bit tricky.

look in v2 PLUGIN tinymce..thesedays there is a secondary folder called 'langs' .next to languages.

I am not 100% sure, but (small team that translates for Dutch) DO carry a dutch (called nl.js) in THAT (langs) folder, together with the original english one.

Maybe you have to do that too for swedish  (name would be sv.js (or any other language)). When done please go to admin/database en run a Scan Plugin directories (that way it should 'refresh' content/commun. of plugin).

Hope it helps
 (do note: strictly using system files; no changed files as described above> from pack, added languages... (no more no less..it includes nl.js as it is part of the transl. pack next to the original en.js)

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