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I have a strange issue, since shortly I'm not able to access the e107_admin/login page in firefox. I can in Chrome, IE and other browsers. I thought it was just a cookie issue, but I have the same situation on a complete different location. I'm using a man-at-work theme, not sure if that has to do with it. Anybody recognizing this?
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More info needed please. "Not able to access": do you get a blank page? Connection timed out? Does the browser crash? Also, to rule out a theme issue, you can try switching to another theme using one of the other browers.
Well, the title of the webpage is showing the correct title, but the page keeps in a 'read'status where it is waiting for data to come. So effectively it's a white screen, but it keeps in a loading state.

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I did a full fresh install with E107 today and the issue seems to have been solved. Case closed.
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This is a follow up but late. The 'problem' is that in firefox it takes ages to  load the logon page while in other browsers it works as expected. I implemented another e107 site as a reference which works ok under firefox, so I don't have a clue what's going on. Re-uploading was not the answer. But there's not much to go on to, so I will try to find the issue myself.
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Reading back, apparently I was a little grumpy when initially commenting on your question, sorry.

I suggest trying the safe mode in Firefox, to see if that works. This way, we can rule out any addon / browser plugin interferences.

DId changing the theme do anything?
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