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i have some problem whit the installing of the e107 on my host

the problem is that my database name is like this AE51247  but the error what e107 is giving is that the database name must be in lower case but its not posible on my host to get it in lowercase or chance the database name what must i be dow now to get the 107 install

i hope that some of you guys can help me

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Can not reproduce error because my hosting has no pre-set dbase names (lowercse system) If dbase already exixts why not use the name ? (do not select create dbase). Do you have enough credentials to change things ? Can you create a new one (not rename); do you have a customer panel (cP DirAdm or alike?) related : http://www.e107help.org/478/change-control-database-name-capital-letter please also follow posted links

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i dont understand that part of the topic ,
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well let us try another approach for finding info : who is your host please, so i can check their info if available ( v1 or v2 ?) the follow link is v2 related
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my host is :  https://www.strato.nl/
the version i try is :  e107_2.0_alpha2

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Thanks for the info.
Strato is one of the few hosting comp. that uses Uppercase db names (no renaming). Adding dbasenames will always carry the same Uppercase nameschema.

So e107 will not install because it uses the lowercase (as many other systems also do), so one might say, it is a hoster issue (they made a choice). I do not know if anyone is willing to 'hack'core files for one host, but that is the case here.

The preferred workaround is basically described in the previous posted link (simple explain): install Xampp or any other on your own pc, create a database that ALREADY carries the Strato dbsname (Xampp should allow it)

Install v2 on Xampp.
Copy the created database (export).
Upload all files by ftp to Strato,(delete the install file > so NO install); go to Plesk:  open database and IMPORT the copy of your homemade system.
Make sure that your uploaded config php files contains the ACTUAL names for the strato server (it should read AEblabla.. at database.

I can find no quick other solution (well you could switch host).

Dutch easy: Strato accepteert alleen hoofdletters, helaas kun je alleen op hun servers via een omweg, dit geldt helaas niet alleen voor e107, hun andere pre-pakketten zijn waarschijnlijk reeds aangepast,

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In install.php cca line $436 there is test for this: pattern='^[a-z][a-z0-9_-]*'  If you are able to change it to accept uppercase, it should be enough.  Look for input field id='db'. 

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chanche like this ?

~~='^[a-z][a-z0-9_-]*  to ~~='^[A-Z][Z-Z0-9_-]*   ?
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Do you know how to accept both? lowercase and uppercase letters? I am not familiar with regex, found something like this: [A-Za-z0-9_-]  but there 2 brackets... This way?  [A-Za-z] [A-Za-z0-9_-] Thanks for help
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