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Why are there these "LAN_xxx" texts and titles all around the Forum? I guess they are supposed to display forum headers and/or user groups allowed to do something etc. Seems an obvious bug. Clean install and been running for a couple of days only. Nothing special.

So in short: Is there some bug in 2.0 alpha2 and Forum plugin 2.0 combination?
e107 version 2.0 alpha2
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The language files for the forum are currently being rewritten. In addition, many other language files are being restructured. It is not recommended to use e107 v2 in any other language than English at this point until it has reached a more stable development stage such as beta or RC.

You can see the progress here https://github.com/e107inc/e107/issues/220
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Thanks for the warning. Although, we were never about to use anything else than English, so this should not be a problem.

On the other hand, what is a problem, is me (beginner with e107) trying to make the old theme work with e107 v2. In addition to this, the theme seems to have some other issues as well and I presume it would not work 100 % even with e107 0.x or 1.x.

On the bright side, I learn something new every time I shove my hands into this warm pile of ... never mind ;)

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Are you using any other language? Only English is supported out of the box at present.

(some changes can sometimes be noticable, because it is a work in progress).

The other thing is there have been no real changes for 3 months to forum, so it seems not related to the forum plugin. (my testsite shows no LAN_xxx ).

You also didn't mention what theme you are using, and if some own template is running..

Is there a viewable url available?
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Only English.


I think I made a bad call blaming the plugin. Sorry for that. I guess the problem is the custom theme I've put in place (rs_battlefield4_v1.0). I think this now, since I already had to fix one of the theme's PHP files regarding HTML code. It's no wonder if there are also bugs in the programmatical parts too.


You can see the problem with your own eyes here:


Look for "LAN_412". I guess it should be "Lieron tarinat" instead of that LAN_xxx.


Any hints on how I could fix this? That is, what should I look for in the PHP code?

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English_front.php file on the path \e107_plugins\forum\languages\English

define ('LAN_412 "," text ");
or uncomment text
define ('LAN_412 "," Title "); located below
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OxigenO2 has a solution, but it will be called a ' hack' ; whenever there is an update you might loose it.!
It will/should work nonetheless..

Another (hopefully made easy,) solution & explanation:
explain : open the languagefiles in forum plugin (both for v1 and v2); each 'page' has its own file (be that lan_viewforum or lan_forum_post (v1) and identical for v2 where the files are UNcommented > not in use.(and all others related)

When looking for LAN_412 you will find it on different locations described as define( "LAN_412", "Forum Threads"); (from viewforum lang file v1) .
If you know that, then solution to make would be finding that lan_412 in the files YOU are using now
(if v2 forum or forum piece IFF put in theme etc.. (that should be understandable; since there are more options how to use a plugin with own templating # by loose files (v1 in theme) or folder use in v2 etc..)

As OxigenO2 already mentioned : v2 > English front php is where lan_412 is located.
now when searching for it ( uncommented> grey>412) you will find multiple refers.

1> define("LAN_FORUM_0034", "reply"); // LAN_412
2> define("LAN_FORUM_1007", "Forum Topics"); // LAN_412 (vf)

look at last piece (vf means viewforum > file where in use) got it ?

(some more referals)

Now all it says is where you once USED LAN_412 the v2 system expects > (your case) in viewforum : NOT LAN_412 but LAN_FORUM_1007.
You only have to change your used file (hopefully in a theme based file) to change that piece of title so it no longer sees Lan_412 but the new Lan_forum_1007.

This is the preferred method, and also an explanation when you see such LAN's by code.what is happening (99% of all cases). It is merely because the old theme uses old 'keywords; where in v2 these have been changed to new ones..(tell the old which ones, and it functions). If the files ARE theme used base..any update should not interfere , unless changes are made to the system in future on definitions of forum language.

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